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Hopefully we're not too late. The forces of evil 'out there', try as they might, cannot get away with their persistent attempts to assassinate creativity — to stop pure innovation as expressed by artists, designers, musicians and performers that typically operate outside of the bounds of scientific methodolgies, government monitoring or other systems of fuckery. We at the Bureau of cyberSurreal investigation look for forensic evidence.

We follow the trail. There is evidence that poetry still exists in the world despite all efforts to squelch and stifle fun, creativity, innovation and anything real and vital. One body after the other — we look for the papertrail of deception and expose any crimes against creativity right here on the web. We also find and report back on evidence of beautiful new work in the arts that espouses a certain interdiscipinary and 'cyberSurreal' spirit.

A quick warning to the pussies and haytaz: we won't stop until you kill us. And when you kill one of us, our seeds disperse and scatter in unfathomable ways that continue to spread the myth and methodologies of the new revolution.

So suck it hard or learn to live in joy, bitches.

other sites and events of interest

LOVECHILD in the werxXx | researching possible venues and future dates

against old media a biographical essay eXcerpt from confounded
written by aktion photographer, cyberSurrealist and human advocate mar von janko

confounded: future fetish design performance for human advocacy
cyberSurreal design research into the found human dynamic system
of humor, laughter and that interesting area in-between

webCam Bra for Living I/O as part of
The 2011 Mobius Wearable Art Runway Show May 6 2011 at Moibus

forensicEvidence May 13 to 21 2011 with opening reception on May 17th 2011
{ part of MassArt MFA Thesis Show III | exhibition catalog on Blurb }

fauxShow April 23 2011 { expect the unexpected }

mediaLuscious Design + Art Review at The Pozen Center, March 5 2011
co-curated by Tania Ostorga, Alexander Wang and lou suSi

Provocative.Objects: the extradition | November 12 2010
Provocative.Objects: debriefed and declassified exhibit-event catalog on ISSUU
exhibit-event and catalog co-curated and co-edited by lou suSi and David Tamés

American Cheese: an introspection | January 28 2010
American Cheese exhibition catalog on ISSUU

What is cyberSurrealism?
an essay eXcerpt from confounded and the previous thesis documentia cyberSurrealist openContainer

cyberSurreal central subConscious mesSaging web presence officiale for all things cyberSurreal

Dynamic Media Insitute MassArt's future-forward MFA graduate program in Design and Communication

Massachusetts College of Art and Design the nation’s first independent public college of art and design

lou suSi chief research officer and founder of cyberSurreal internationale